60 front doors

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Sep 27, 2008
Portland, OR
Does anyone know if the dimensions of 60 front doors Changed in 10/85?

I currently have 82' 60 doors on my 85' 60 and they don't seems to match up very well no matter how I adjust them. I also put the glass from my 85' 60 doors in the current 82' 60 doors that are on the truck and I jut can't seems to get it to sit correctly.

The only reason I think the dimensions may have changed (other than the bad fit) is that while looking on SOR to price out replacement window channels there are 2 different ones and the change date is 10/85.

Any and all help/suggestions would be awesome:cheers:
Ok so obviously a few people have looked at my question but so far I've had no answers.

Does that mean this question is so dumb nobody is going to bother to respond or does no one know the answer?:confused:
AFAIK the main door is the same, as is much of the body. the body had a change where the seats mounted. I think.

there are threads about swapping bodies, also about swapping doors between 60's and 62's.
I am 99% sure that all years of the FJ-60 model range used the same body parts, including the doors. Have you attempted to shim the hinges? Are the hinges worn out?

I have always believed that all 60's share body panels. I have never seen an issue where its different.
Thanks for the replies guys.

I was under the impression that all doors from 82-87 were the same as well. I called SOR to ask if the dimensions of the doors changed in 10-85 due to the fact that they have different window channels starting in 10/85 and the guy I spoke with said the change in window channels is probably do to a different trim piece or something. The explanation didn't make much sense to me seeing as how I don't think there is a trim piece to interfere with the window channel but I was satisfied after the converstion that the door dimensions didn't change from 82-87.

So......next question. Is it possible the Guts of the doors changed between 82 and 87? Where things were bolted etc, etc?

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