60 exhaust fumes inside ,Sources?

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Jan 6, 2009

1983 fj60 72000 orig miles. just had the exhaust manifold replaced with header and remflex gasket. downpipe sealed all emissions holes sealed. still have exhaust fumes coming inside. seem to be from the engine. some oil leaking on the bottom oil pan from the synthetic oil I'm using. is it possible blow by out of the valve cover. vents into the air cleaner. mystery. love driving the truck but the fumes are making me a little nuts. any thoughts?


I get fumes inside if I drive around with the lift gate up, so check out of the lift and tail gate seals are OK.

I had another car with an exhaust fume problem, especially at idle. It turned out that I had a hole on the top side of one of my mufflers. So make sure your exhaust system is integral.
I get that fume smell at idle as well; but I know I have some holes in the exhaust tube because when it's cold enough outside, you can see the exhaust coming through the holes; so like the previous post check that. Also, as you drive, a vacuum is created, especially with open windows and the exhaust gets sucked in.....It's on my dwindling list of fixes.
i have a rule, all windows up or all windows down, my rear hatch has no seals and my rear quarters are rusted out. Plus my exaust is only 2 1/2 feet long.
I get fumes too. I suspect mine is coming from the rear inner fender wells. Where the rear seat back mounts to floor/wheel well. Mine are rusted thru...basically my rear seat back is attached at the top only when latched. Bottom flops around, being held in place when seat bottom is pressed against it.

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