60 A/C Locked Up

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Jan 15, 2007
Denver, CO
The pulley on my a/c has just locked up. It will not budge. Anyone had a problem like this and will the a/c clutch kit replacement fix my problem? I think it's around $100.
bad news. sounds like a catastrophic compressor failure. keep your a/c button off. You need to replace the compressor. These things should be done:

1. Replace old compressor.
2. Replace accumulator/dryer.
3. Add 4-oz oil, unless compressor comes with oil, then add 2-oz for accumulator.
4. pull complete vacuum.
5. charge with about 2 1/2 cans refrigerant.

Also, if the compressor let metal bits into the system (very possible) you may have to have it flushed.
No. Hope it doesnt get to hot in Washington.

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