60, 80 and 100 Series Emu Wing top hinged side cargo windows. Open until 3/18/16.

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Emu Wing has informed me that they have the current 100 series orders set aside, but any additional 100 series units will be on a 3-4 week backorder.
It is going to be cheaper to have Emu Wing drop ship the units to everyone than it would be to have a pallet of them shipped to me and then redistributed. Stand by for an invoice from Emu Wing so that you can pay them. I am still waiting on contact info for a couple of you.
It sounds like you have put the order through already, is that correct? The list shows 15 but I think there are more than that, am I wrong?
There were more orders, but one member had to back out. I have kept Emu Wing informed as orders were added and they have been setting units aside for us to prevent any availability issues.

Emu Wing will be directly sending each member an invoice soon. They will ship once the 10th unit has been paid for.
There were also a lot of members in the main thread in the tech section that expressed interest but never messaged me or replied to this thread with details of what they wanted.
I'll be 19 and 20 for a pair of glass in an 80. Only interested if 15% discount happens.
Are you still in on this if I take up slots 16, 17, and 18? I am only interested if we can get the 15% discount as well.
Are you still in on this if I take up slots 16, 17, and 18? I am only interested if we can get the 15% discount as well.

Yes. I'm in. I think now regardless. Sign me up ! Pair of 80 glass...
Boom, 21! Thanks for putting this together @ihadmail !
So has anybody gotten a number for what shipping might be? Not trying to be difficult, I'm still trying to include myself in this but r now I have to count my beans!
I got a quote to myself in Columbia, SC and a quote to San Diego, CA for a set. Both quotes were $200AU which is roughly $150US with the current exchange rate. Expect $150 for a pair and closer to $100 for a single since the box size is the same when ordering a single unit or a pair.

It appears their shipping company cares more about box dimensions and weight than the specific location within the US.
my order from mark's 4wd (t case adapter) was $140AU to Denver. So $200AU sounds about right....
Okay, I am upping it to four total cargo windows...two sets.

VidereStudios / 100 Series / Aluminum / Bare / Pair
VidereStudios / 100 Series / Aluminum / Bare / Pair
Emu Wing needed more information than I had for some of you, so I've sent those people PMs. As soon as I get everything they've asked for I will submit the order.

Thanks everyone for your participation.

Rodney with Emu Wing has been very great to deal with. He's answered all of my questions very promptly and thoroughly. I know I for one appreciate their willingness to give us a price break with this group buy and being so easy to work with.
Thanks to everyone for your participation! I am waiting on responses from two members and will email the list to Emu Wing.
Just a quick update. Emu Wing is processing the orders and will be getting the invoices out by the end of the week hopefully. They have a 4 day weekend there for Easter so it may possibly be early next week before the PP invoices are sent.
I just received and paid my invoice.

This itemization did now show up on mobile. This is from my confirmation email that PayPal sent after paying.

Hope you all enjoy them!
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