60/62 sun visor refurb options

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Sep 29, 2004
Houston, the lower bowel of TX
Yep, searched. Any new info on replacement sun visors for the 60 series?...crossovers from other Toyota vehicles?

Anyone have the SOR replacements? Looks like they are just slip over covers and not any hardware...??
My problem (aside from the fabric and all being worn) is the hardware on the driver's side is pretty beat.
The adjuster screw is either too loose or too tight....like it has lost an internal bushing or something.

Has anyone been able to open up and refurbish the inside of the hinge? Would hate to cut into these and make them worse.
Like this, and it’s only 70 bucks with the suction cup. This is what I’ll be doing with mine

RAM Sun Visor with Suction Cup Kit

Saw that in some of the older threads. I’m looking for stock/stock looking visors. Definitely not see through.

And the stock visors are actually really good bc they cover the entire upper corners of the windshield, they are wiiiide. No other vehicles I’ve been in do that....and the f****** sun always finds a way to be in that upper corner.
I'm going to bump this thread. Has anyone ever replaced their sun visors? I hate the ones in my rig. Would love to find an aftermarket replacement.
Refurbed sunvisors and reupholstered with vinyl material matching the new vinyl headliner. The DS intrrnal hinge has a small amount of slop. I did not attempt to open up and repair because I did not have a replacement. Solution: bought used set with tight internal hinge so I could swap out.


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