60 & 62 illustrations

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Jun 2, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Hi there,

This is my first thread, I've visited here a few times before but was encouraged to sign up and post some of my artwork here for you to enjoy!

I'm thinking of making these into stickers (about 3" across)

I'd love to hear your feedback and any thoughts you have.

Thanks for your time!
They look good! Like to see more.

Beno turned me on to a good sticker guy, great pricing.
Thanks @NCFJ , glad you like them!

I actually got these printed from Stickermule a few weeks ago:

They arrived within a week from the US (I'm in Australia) and was really happy with the quality.

If you want to see some more of my work, I'm on Instagram as @drawsyourcar - ive done a few LandCruiser drawings. I usually try to post at least once a day.
I checked out all of your Instagram, great work. I love your taste in cars.

You did one piece of an old 80's Tercel wagon. It's a pretty rare car now, I was glad to see it in there
Have you considered doing some in this perspective?
That 'opening' is for the PTO drive shaft. Great drawings. How about one with a bit of lift? I'd take a T-shirt in the style of that bag.
T-shirts would be awesome. I'd definitely buy a sticker for the toolbox as well!

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