6 year lurker finally got a 1994 fjz80

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Nov 24, 2006
GRASS valley, CA
after wanting a nice 80 with lockers forever i finally got one, bought it sight unseen and drove it 650 miles home.

good stuff
1994 with lockers and everything works but the aftermarket stereo.
passed smog with ease n clean title
white no roof rack
got 15.2 mpg on the trip home
Under 5k

has 306k miles
needed brakes and some tlc
a/c needs a charge
somesort of drive line noise
tires look they have been sitting (cracked)

the running boards were squeeking so i took them off and repainted the wheels n front bumper.
then cut n wax the paint to bring the shine back.

future mods
2" lift with new shocks
tune up/coolant flush /hoses
diff service n tranny (next)
285/75 or 255/85 bfg km2 (i dont know yet)
sliders from 4x4labs
t-case skid plate
roof rack (i need more storage space)

pics when i got it from the CL ad


after 1/2 a day cleaning her up



first trip in norcal


all toys in the lot



maxing out the bridge


glad to finally be aboard-
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Nice man. 306k isn't bad as long as its been taken Care of. Welcome to the addiction. It may even ruin relationships!!!! Looking good so far. Keep it Rollin
Oh yeah:flipoff2:
Congrats and welcome ! :cheers:
Welcome to the 80 family. Love the color.

Sounds like you made a great buy. You could part it out for more than 3K with the lockers and misc parts on it alone.

650 miles gives you a good over all idea of your new rig. 15 mpg is great for the beast. What size tires and speed were you running?
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Welcome and congrats! I just bought one after lurking for years as well, it's great to finally have my own!
Thanks guys...

I went 65-70 the whole way old cracked mich 265/70-16's
BY the way The little town of Washington is one my favorite places!!!
i didnt notice those pics at first.
Yea it's a great place for sure going to hobbit house next week
Where in GV u live?
I live near Indian springs

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