6 inch shackles on stock springs

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Mar 18, 2013
Hi, I recently got a 79 40 and have some questions about the lift that was performed by PO.

I searched about shackles on stock springs but most info found was on lift springs. :meh:

My rig has 15 cm (6 inches) shackles eye to eye on stock springs and mounts. The resulting angle is 90 degrees to road on front and back.

So, my questions are:
1. Is there any way to adjust the angle without relocating the mounts and/or changing the springs?
2. Could I just lossen bolts on shackle, move it to a more adecuate angle and retighten? Or are my springs just to short for the shackle?
3. What adjustments should be made for running this longer shackles on stock springs?
4. Anyone running this setup? please post some pics of the shackle angle you achieved

Sorry if this are stupid questions, this is my first land cruiser, and my first non sedan
So the springs are to short for the shackle? And thats the reason they hang at a 90 degree angle?
Could you elaborate a bit more please?
What would be an appropriate shackle lenth, I only need to clear 255/70r16 tyres for now.
Sounds like you have aftermarket lift springs, or recurved stockers. John
Sounds like you have aftermarket lift springs, or recurved stockers. John

Hi, the springs look flat to me (to my very untrained eye) and the shackles look homemade. Far from the rig atm to take a better pic.
Here's what i got
Doubt the PO installed aftermarket anything, the man was very negligent, the tyres where 4 diferent sizes, the seats were unbolted, the sttering column was herd in place with wire, etc, etc
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If those are supposed to be anti-inversion shackles, they're on backwards...
Better pics
The shackles are not anti-inversion, the 3 bolts are on the same side. Probable PO had a triangular plate laying around, dunno whats up with the weard design
fj40 1.jpg
fj40 2.jpg
the triangular plate is part of an anti inversion setup. drill holes, add a bolt and sleeve

you can not loosen, adjust and retighten shackle bolts to fix the angle. shackle bolts are only supposed to be snug enough to keep side to side movement down. they are not supposed to hold a suspension in place. the suspension needs to flex. that's why, if you look at a stock shackle, the shackles are setup to only tighten so far.

the easiest way to get the shackles at an appropriate angle on this rig would be to go to a shorter shackle. other options are longer springs or moving spring hangers.
Bushing bolts look pretty small and flimsy for a good solid suspension. They don't even look like they are in the center of the bushing. Your also missing your front driveshaft. John
Yup, I am going to purchase new shackles with new bolts and bushings. I think ill try with shorter ones to correct the angle. Maybe even go stock length. Would that clear 255/70r16?

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