6 hours I will never get back.

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May 2, 2012
Perth, Australia
Hey Guys,

Looking for some advice to ease my pain. Spent 6 hours trying to get the below highlighted bolt (drivers side) out while trying to remove the hinge for spraying etc.

Because of all the wires etc its hard for me to get my ham fists in there and even when i do i cannot get enough purchase on the bolt to free it.

Anyone recommend a special tool/method/angle to try and get it out? If not, this may just kill me.
No idea. But I feel your pain and you have my total sympathy.

Wait.. can you cut an old spanner and weld a rod to it to get it up in there?
I've come to the assumption that I am going to be better with a straight ring spanner (in lieu of the standard type that kicks up at the end).

I think the biggest issue is that there is not enough room between the bolt and the side to get all the way over the bolt and get a firm grip.

I am also concerned I may have slightly stripped the bolt which will be disastrous...
i feel you're pain and i've certainly been there. the drivers side door hinge is a PITA.

I used a long boxed wrench to break the bolt free, and then used a stubby swivel gear wrench to get it out.

If you stripped the bolt head then you might be able to hammer on from the bottom an open ended wrench, turn slightly, wiggle it free, then switch to the gear wrench.

try and spray some oil up on the bolt if you can get to it with the little spray straw
Are you attempting to do this with the instrument panel removed? I have large hands and the only way I could remove this hinge was with the instrument panel removed. I used a combination of a 1/4" drive and a box wrench that ratchets.
I'm taking rusty bolts off my new fj40 and couldn't get half of them out due to rust or po stripping them. I've gotten them all out by using PB. Spray it on about 2x per day then in about 4 days it comes out. Pita but I've learned to think ahead when dealing with 35yr old bolts and screws.
bsevens nailed it on the head. Removal of the instrument panel and even the fuse box will give you the additional room you need to get your tools up in that confined space. I should know since I had to do it twice when I reinstalled them upside down.

It is definitely a PITA and there was much cursing involved in the process. Since you are going through the removal process you may want to consider purchasing a set of quick hinges from 69LC,
Thanks guys. I think going in the instrument cluster hole is going to make life alot easier. Hadn't even considered this, even though the cluster is out, because i'd already filled the hole with masking paper...

Will give her a crack in the morning and let you know how i go.
pour coke on it and wait an hour or two...spray wd40 then remove
pour coke on it and wait an hour or two...spray wd40 then remove

You are my savior. Cannot explain wtf the coke did but i must have had 1L of WD-40 with no effect. Tried the coke + WD40 and popped right off.

Thanks everyone!

Long story short - I WON!!!!

Now I can go find another bolt to fight with.
Ha.. An aussie problem and an aussie solution...:D

Gaz.. :beer:
Kroil is the best penetrant. All good advice, as I will be installing the Qwik Hinges this summer.

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