Dodge 6.7 Cummins

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Jan 26, 2006
I'm not wild about the smog stuff, but I'm thinking I could probably get a killer deal on one of these trucks right about now. With the 2010's hitting the lots now, I still see that some of the stealerships have (new) 2008's in stock. Has anyone gotten one of these trucks recently for a steal, or is the new smog stuff to be avoided?
buddy of mine bought a 2008 dodge ctd quad cab 4x4 loaded about 2 months ago for about 28k the same I paid for my 05 used with 67k on it 2 years ago
son of a:censor: i was :mad:

things like that just don't happen to me.
Drove one and almost bought it, if you are just doing around town driving you have high chance of cat and egr issues, if you run it with a load and work the system before it clogs, you will have few issues.
hey guys, i know a service manager down here in phx . when the new dodge came out they opend a lane just for that newer dodge cummings . my good friend went in to buy a new truck an talked to the service manager he said you would be happier with your 02 than the new one .. least he was honest..

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