6/26 at 6 AM Coves Cleanup

Jan 20, 2004
Chanhassen, MN
The Forest Service has asked for help cleaning up the trash over at the Coves area. In the past local 4x4 clubs have made a good impression on our hobby by participating and I'm asking that we do it again. Other clubs have been doing weekend cleanups over there but there is still more to do.

The Coves are closed for the fire season but we'll be let in especially for the cleanup. The FS will supply bags and a trash barge. Sorry for the early time but it's getting hot these days so we should wrap up by 10. You'll have the whole rest of the day to yourself!

To be clear: although there may be some 4 wheeling involved in getting to and from the cleanup areas, we are not permitted to otherwise recreate due to fire restrictions. We are being allowed in for the purpose of helping clean up. At the end we must leave. Please respect this and leave the FS with a good impression of our hobby. It's an investment in our future.

Please come out and help! It's only 4 short hours and it can be lots of fun. Bring sun screen, lots of water, some snacks if you want. Please don't be late since we're being let in and out at specific times. Let me know if you plan to come out so I know how many to expect.


Bill Hooven
AZVJC - Arizona Virtual Jeep Club
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