6.2 diesel 60 series

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Apr 3, 2009
Sunshine coast Australia
Forgive my ignorance but in Aus we don't have alot of diesel v8 in older rigs. Have a FJ60 with 2f and not enough power, there is a company doing 6.2L,6.5L and turbo Chev diesels.
Are they good conversions or are they trouble, I ask on this site as I would imagine you blokes would know these motors.
Any help advice would be good, have seen with interest 3f,efi and also wondered about 2f block 3f efi turbo but seems like alot of trouble, maybe 6.2 diesel easier ?????
Got no idea, suggestions welcome.
why diesel?
i dropped a chevy V8 383 stroked with a 400 cam in my fj60. It also has a holley 750 cfm double pumper on it as well. I also put the 4:56 gears in front and rear to get the right ratio for power and torque. I am getting close to 450 horses out of this cruiser. Diesel is expensive fuel here too.
These v8 gas motors are way cheaper too.
Food for thought mate.
Why is that??

I have not owned a diesel either, but over here they seem to promote them as very good!!!
And a good conversion!
remembering that Chev in OZ has a good reputation because it is USA???
Folks tend to get lost in comparing the GM 6.2's and 6.5's to the other offerings available in the US in 3/4 ton pick-ups. GM missed the target audience with this engine series, but did create a reasonably efficient V8 diesel for medium duty uses (like in an FJ60!) which was their apparent goal. The guy who buys a 6BT powered truck with the intent of pumping it up to 1200 ft-lbs. wasn't the market they were pointing at.

When compared to engines like the 6BT and the PSD's they come up short, but when you look at them on their own they're not a bad choice for a 6T.

The 6.2's have had troubles with heads cracking and the 6.5t's have an easily solved problem with over-heating the throttle control computer. What I have read on these engines lately is that the currently available replacement parts address the problems.

I just wish that Kalifornia would let me put one in mine. I would look into them further if that was an option.
I have a 60 with a 13 BT - 5 speed, from an 84 BJ 74 donor. It has good power and great fuel mileage. With regular tires and local speed, I have recorded 27 MPG. With some much larger tires and not paying full attention to the speed limit, it is still in the 23 MPG range. About the only challenge is the 24 -12 volt conversion. The rest is great. When I am pulling one of my larger trailers, it kills the MPG but still good power. Anyway, if you are going the diesel route, and can source a 13 BT it has served me very well.
Thanks for the input fellas, some of the stuff you talk about is new to me, cruiserunc what is a 13bt?
Forgive my ignorance, we have little choice in Aus, and I suppose my limited knowledge compared to you blokes!
Options seem to be chev 350 efi called GenIII here by GMH or diesel v8 with limited choice. Oh, or the latest rage seems to be the toyota lexus uzfe.
If 6.2 chev not good choice what is a good diesel option? Cummins? etc not sure how much selection we have here. Like the idea of diesel reliability and I suppose less complication for convert?
What will give me the best fuel and power, not looking to kill the 1/4 mile just want reliable power at reasonable fuel cost. I would like to keep the H55 if possible but don't know how tough this box is, or the diffs for that matter. It is a stock 60 2f with h55 stock diffs.
Sorry that my questions are broad but this is new to me, can do most work myself given right info and a manual.
This is a rig that I want to keep long term and as I grew up on the land I figure the 60 is a tough rig and very capable given the right combo, correct me if I am wrong.
Thanks for any help!
The 13B-T was a Stock Toyota engine from a BJ74. Since the BJ74's were never sold in the US, this one was imported/chopped up, and the engine/tranny was donated into the FJ60 body. Stickboy did the conversion here, I am merely the most recent owner who is :beer:adding quite a few creature comforts to it.

Most likely there are a few 3B's in FJ60s in the great land of the down under. Some say the 13B (toyota diesel engine) is the upgraded version of the 3B (diesel found in some FJ60's) and the turbo is what it is, thus the T designation.

Some discussion here regarding the 13B vs the 3B. https://forum.ih8mud.com/70-series-tech/264447-turbo-3b-vs-13-bt.html

The modification string of putting the 13BT into this rig is here (search for Stickboy posts in diesel conversions) pretty much in a step by step fashion. I don't know of anything reasonable you can do to a landcruiser that someone on one of these message boards here can't help you through, incredible talent here. (While I'll be glad to offer my views, I am not one of the experts!)

As you can tell, I've had quite a few cruisers and toyotas, and while there are some great experiences here regarding a gas burner from another brand, if you want a diesel, the 3B or 13B is a good option. Good luck.

Thread updated . . . .

OK, here's the thread of the swap . . . .


Well, the photos in the step by step have been deleted, probably due to age/space needs but here's the thread of the motor swap. Key issues is marrying the 24 volt system to a 12 volt system. There are a couple of pieces in the cab that remained 24 volt, (tach, brain for the AC) but most everything was converted to 12 volt.

And for today, and Monday, Go Tar Heels~!
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Thanks for that cruiserunc,
What is your opinion of the 12ht which has a good rep here, I googled 3b etc I believe they are a smaller engine, but not being right into the different types and varients i am not sure.
What is your fuel economy like?
I figure a turbo of most engines is going to give better performance, reliability is the thing one needs to consider.

On another note have you pulled a body off a 60 series, is it hard ?I need to do the chassis.
Manuals I have are not that good, any good links?
Many thanks for help, it is going to be a project but one I want to do myself and properly.
Will post pics of 60 if interested! body is in very nice shape and just had respray.
Looked up the pics of your rig, looks very nice something to aspire to!
Love the seats I will look into that, after seeing your's don't wan't to show you mine!!
Thanks for that cruiserunc,
What is your opinion of the 12ht which has a good rep here,
On another note have you pulled a body off a 60 series, is it hard ?I need to do the chassis.
Manuals I have are not that good, any good links?
Many thanks for help, it is going to be a project but one I want to do myself and properly.
Will post pics of 60 if interested! body is in very nice shape and just had respray.

12H-T is an excellent motor, all mechanical so no computer (ECU) required. Parts should be easy to source.
You should also try posting in the diesel section as well, lots of Aussie's in there.
Here's the link: Diesel Tech and 24 volts Systems - IH8MUD Forums
Manuals: Downloads Index - Page: 1

A couple of things to remember, they all start somewhere and what is really great about a 60, they are easy to work on, and you can make it into whatever you want/need. Kevin from wagongear probably has the most functional vehicle I have ever seen from one of these. Part of the time I drive a LX470, and if the quality is too stark between the two, it is easy to get back into the 470 and not drive the 60 as much as I would like. So, I added a few gadgets and creature comforts and presto-chango I have a ride I like. The FJ60 I can work on and when it breaks, I can understand. The 470 is a great vehicle, but out of my league! BTW, I think Kevin also has a 12HT in his rig, again, I am just a guy who know's just enough to be dangerous. There are some experts here, and I am not one of them~!

What I do know is this, the 13B-T is a smaller engine, built for the updated FJ40 (70 Series). But, between the five speed and my original Michelins 275 16, I was getting killer fuel mileage provided I paid attention to the speed limit. (26-28 MPG). With the larger tires, (315's ) and the thousand pound ARB bumper (ok probably less but felt like 1/2 ton when I was trying to put it on), and, driving comfortably (which is probably too fast) I am closer to the 22-24 MPG range. Not as great but still far better than you will hear from the 2F crowd.

As to pulling the body from the chassis, search the threads here, lots of pics and lots of ideas, (I think Kevin's photos are in the link below of his dismount/remount) you need a garage and a space to let this puppy sit when you are tired of it for a while, but not that tough a job considered all that goes into some of these efforts.

I will say this, smart move to think about the body/frame first. You have to be certain your frame, body underneath is in good shape. Have two things on hand, for any dismantle project you undertake, paint with rust protection properties [lots of brand names such as POR-15, etc] and sound dampening material [I am on my second role of Rattletrap]. Never miss a chance to add a layer of rust protection and dampen the noise when you have the chance. All this other work is for nothing if the thing is dangerous/rusting away (the reason I had a 75 FJ40 and a 78 FJ40.) and the sound, particularly with a diesel, can drive you nuts.:bang:

Kevin's build is at: https://forum.ih8mud.com/60-series-wagons/200578-rotw-kevinmrowland.html
Interesting you talk about POR15, first time I have seen it was today at the local auto shop, talking to the dude about rust prevention etc, he gave me a brochure on that exact same thing.
Is it good? I suppose it is otherwise you would not mention it!!
Have been thinking about electronic rust protection but seen allot against it, at the end of the day looking at the chassis it needs a good coating like I need clothes!
The more I hear about the 12h- T the more I want one.
I like something I can fix. Or f*&%k
So, cruiserunc, you now got a good ride from the 60 after the tart up. Did you do much to underneath to give quiet.
Do the 100 series seats take much mod?
Am about to do all the suspension with a 2'' lift. Then I suppose plan underneath.
Have shed etc and all tools, like to rebuild all my own farm gear etc, maybe need bigger shed than I have, worry, anyway will get there.
Thanks all.
A friend of mine has been using POR-15 for nearly 15 years. It does not scrape off easily, even on axle housings rubbed on rocks. It will gum up a 36 grit sanding disc in short order and it only burns back to the edge of the HAZ when welding on stuff painted with it. The preparation is crucial, any variation from the recommended procedure will likely degrade the ultimate performance of the paint. It is good stuff.

That said, there are other paints of the same type. These are all a "moisture curing polyurethane paint." Might be able to find something similar closer to you.
G'day 60Chopper,

Thinking about your engine options, and keeping things outback simple so if you break down you can rock up to a toyota dealer and get what you need: a 12HT transplant is a simple transplant, but then again so is a normally aspirated 1HZ out of an 80 or 100 series. I'd steer clear of the 6.2/6.5's purely from a breakdown and parts availability perspective.

The other good option is the 1UZFE option, this is a 4 litre all alloy fuel injected V8 from a Lexus soarer, again cheapest to buy a half cut and go from there. All of these engine options would let you retain the factory 5 speed.

Food for thought, but be careful and methodical in what you plan do to. Cheers from the Gold coast, sunny coast is my home town.
There are plenty of opinions on using 6.2 diesels in cruisers, but how many are based on actual first hand experience?
There are supposed to be a lot of bad things associated with this conversion.
If the job is carried out properly from the beginning, the 6.2 does a great job in a 60.
It all depends on what you are wanting to achieve with your conversion.
Don't get caught up in paper figures for torque and horsepower, as they can be misleading.

Where on the Sunny Coast are you?

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