5x8 utility trailer

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Land Shark

Sep 8, 2011
Somewhere other than here

I am offering this to the clcc'ers before i put it up for sale anywhere else. I purchased it in 2001 or 02. I added wood sides and wood bottom. Trailer is in good condition. I will post pic's tomorrow. 450$ firm for the group only.
^ so what were you pulling on 295 today? And you know the speed limit there is 70, not 45 :)

the 80 looks good by the way!
That's our new to us pop up camper. Just getting back from Hatteras. Yeah I know but that road sucks and that trailer was heavy :flipoff2: How about you guys where were you coming from????
congrats on the new pop up. I hope you had a good trip to the OBX. that is my homeland. We were headed back from Emerald Isle NC from a week at the beach. My family has a house there.

If you look below your steering wheel, there are two petals. The little one on the right makes it go faster when you push it.:lol:

i am not a fast driver(i think), and i blew by so fast all i got was a glimpse of stickers and people i thought i recognized. It took 10 minutes to slow back down for the obligatory nod, and back up to warp.

Ha ha! I had it to the floor. We saw a couple of 60's, one 80, and a couple 100's. Good trip for us can't wait to go back

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