5th Gen 4R - Lug nut question

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May 8, 2017
Charleston, WV
I'm putting together a trailer and wanted to run wheels that matched my 4Runner. I bought Timbren 6 lug hubs with the proper spacing, but I'm running into an issue with the lugs. My 4Runner lugs do not fit the hubs. Then the lugs that came with the hubs will not fit the factory aluminum wheels properly. I do no not 'have to' run the exact wheels but since I picked up a cheap second hand set awhile back I'd like to use them if possible.

What are my options?

Could I get new lugs installed in the hubs that would work?

Would a wheels spacer fix the issue?

If I bought some Toyota steels wheels, I assume they would work with the supplied lugnuts I have with the hubs. Would the lugs off my factory aluminum wheels also work on the steel wheels if I ever needed to pull a wheel off the trailer and use as an emergency spare on the 4Runner?

Any input is appreciated.


May 29, 2007
no.california S.F.O BAY AREA (EAST BAY)
Could you post pictures of the issue you are having? The lug nut above is a factory lug centric and the one below it is a hub centric nut, are you running a factory
Toyota rim? The factory lug centric nut could work with steel wheels it just sticks out.
Dec 14, 2020
The problem is the OEM wheels which are lug-centric, as mentioned above. I went through this with my GX470 when I put aftermarket wheels and kept the OEM spare. I carried an extra set of lug-centric lug nuts in case they were needed.

Probably the easiest way to address the difference would be to get a set of OEM Toyota/Lexus 6-lug, lug-centric wheels for the trailer. Then you could use the same lugs everywhere. Or, get an aftermarket set of wheels for your 4Runner and use the acorn style nuts everywhere. This assumes the lugs are threading on your wheel studs, if not you'd need different studs with the OEM thread pattern.

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