5lb propane tanks

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Those are really handy for camp stoves. I have a couple of them but I paid more.

Bump for a good deal.
you bastard where were you last month when i was looking for them .grrrrrrrrrrrrr:flipoff2::flipoff2::flipoff2:ok im better now
30 you say huh ..what condition are they in and are they the flat bottom ones or the conventional ones
i was prolly camping and away from the computer, i do that alot.
these are brand new still in the box. dont know what you mean about flat bottom or conventional but they have a ring around the bottom just like the pic in the link i posted.
the ring at the bottom is what i ment by conventional .some of the newier ones ive seen at cabellas have a no ring wider base so it sits flat ........
i can make it flat if you prefer:)

i also like trades, anything of interest is cool.

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