55 and 40 River crossing Vid. Pakistan

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Dang... you'd think that 55 was coal powered. :D

Great video. Thanks for posting.
Nice !!

That is awesome cruiser footage! Whats up with the ending? I want to see more. I can't stop drooling over the diesels.
Dang. These guys get it done.

What was that red thing in the river?;)

I'd count on getting my feet wet even if I pulled that crossing because of my rusty floors-
my Pig would leak like the Titanic...
I always have loved the way lc diesels sound, anyone know how to make a gasser sound that way??
Never seen live footage of a 55 diesel, let alone one with panel doors. Thanks Eshan for taking the time to show us this cruiser porn! Sweet!
WOW, that 55 had ambulance doors too. Never new they came that way.
55's were only standard with tailgates in the U.S., if I remember my Toyota history. The rest of the world got the amby doors.

I guess 'gated 55's are in high demand overseas, too. When I bought my 55, the PO said he had some guy from Germany, who was visiting the states, come up and knock on his door wanting to buy the 55 with no questions asked... that was until he found out it was going to be a logistical (and financial) nightmare getting the Cruiser back to Germany.

Lucky for me anyway... cuz now it's mine. :D
awsome video Ehsan; thank you for sharing..........need the sequel though


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