54 mm Socket...Help!

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Mar 29, 2009
Bright, ON
Hi. I am rebuilding my front axle next weekend and need a 54mm socket. 4 Wheel is currently out of stock. Is there someone near Kitchener willing to lend me one? :)
Princess Auto Has the 2 1/8 (edited opps!) socket which is the same as the 54MM and some of them have the 54MM. $

Also Brafasco can order you one in. $$$

I live in Toronto or I would lend you mine.

but really you should be coming wheelin next weekend;)
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you have princess auto near you? go buy their 3/4" drive set. those sockets are great for sticking in seals and it will have the 53mm (or 2 1/8th") socket. i bought a set a decade ago and it was an excellent investment.
I was actually there yesterday and all I could find were the thick/regular walled ones. I've read that you have to use a thin walled unit to fit the 80's.

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