$500 for 30k mi service sounds right?

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Sep 28, 2007
Northern Virginia, USA
I scheduled an appointment for my 30,000 miles service for my 2006 LC, a bit higher than I hoped for.

Does that seem like a fair price to you guys?

this is what they will do:
Replace engine oil and oil filter
Rotate tires
Lubricate drive shaft bushing
Lubricate propeller shaft
Lubricate wheel bearings
Replace limited-slip differential oil, if equipped
Re-torque propeller shaft bolt
Replace engine air filter
Replace cabin air filter (if equipped) Inspect the following:
Active height control gas chamber
Automatic transmission fluid
Ball joints and dust covers
Brake lines and hoses
Brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs 7
Drive shaft boots
Engine coolant 8
Exhaust pipes and mountings
Front differential oil (4WD)
Fuel lines and connections, fuel tank band and fuel tank vapor vent system hoses
Fuel tank cap gasket
Radiator, condenser and/or intercooler
Rear differential oil
Steering gear box
Steering linkage and boots
Transfer case oil (4WD)

Additional Maintenance Items for Special Operating Conditions:

Driving While Towing
Replace front differential oil (4WD)
Replace rear differential oil, including limited-slip
Replace transfer case oil (4WD)
Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis
Driving in Desert or On Dirt Roads
Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis
does that include the "additional items"?

if not, basically you're paying $500 for the first 9 items, cuz "inspect" means they look at the others for a second...

Of those 9, (8 really cuz I don't think you have a limited slip), only 1 is not trivial to do, the wheel bearings. But I kinda doubt they will repack all the bearings around in a normal $500 package so I would want to know what "lubricating the bearings" mean exactly.

So I would say that unless they do all the wheel bearings for real, you're better off throwing $300 at a Mudder and he'll kiss the ground you're walking on since it'll take him 2 hrs to do if that... :D
are they repacking all the bearings?

(and what do they mean by "lubricating the driveshaft bushing"?)
Sounds about right for a Stealership.

I forgot what I paid, but it was somewhere around that.

Gotta love NYC prices.
15k, 30k, 45k, these are all huge proffit items for the dealer. Check you manual and see what it says to replace. IMHO $500 is crazy to pay but a lot of people do.
stealership is the right word! i asked about iPod integration while I'm at it and they quote me $50 above MSRP by the manufacturer!?!
Seems like a normal ripoff to me from a dealer, but e9999s dead on. The first nine items essentially say an oil change and a couple air filters, and a squirt of grease but agree the wheel bearing is a puzzler. If you call them and ask about that, I'll bet you $1 they'll say "Oh, if they seem to need repacking, we'll do it otherwise you'd be good to go"

Also be advised many dealerships ignore a lot items on these intervals. You think they're doing all the items at the XX,XXX checkup and write them a check based on that, but dealerships are not required and can do their 'own' XX,XXX checkup items. So I'd clarify - especially that wheel bearing thing as having them done would make $500 worth it. I seriously doubt that's included. If they do it, be ready for the 3pm call "Sir, your brakes are badly worn. We need to machine the rotors and replace the pads for another $478...."

(and what do they mean by "lubricating the driveshaft bushing"?)

I'd like to know the answer to this also. In the 2006 repair manual, it looks like the front driveshaft is what most would call the front axle. Its clear that the driveshaft is NOT the propellor shaft.

But in the drawings showing disassembly of the front drive shaft, there is nothing that I can see that refers to a bushing.

I am all ears on this one.
Having acquired a hard copy of the 06 repair manual (thanks-ebay) , I may be able to answer my own question from above.

I believe the front drive shaft bushing is being called the steering knuckle bushing in the repair manual, and it shows in the AH (axle hub) section of the repair manual page AH-17. This is the only logical thing it could be, as far as I can see.

Actually, calling it a knuckle at all seems not quite correct, but maybe a holdover from the 80 series.
Checking the wheel bearings means - listen for a squeal when pulling into and out of the bay or a hard pull to either side that prevents the tech from lining it up on the lift, once on the rack shake the tires to feel for looseness.

Do this yourself and it will take less than 4 hours, you will know the truck better and all the things on the list will actually be done. ( if you make more than $100 an hour after taxes at your regular job then maybe its a good deal to have the dealer do the work)

Driveshaft bushing listed is probably just off the generic service list not 100 specific - just like "Replace limited slip oil - inspect differential oil - Replace rear differential oil" - 20% of that list is double billed.
sounds alot like a 500 dollar oil change.....these trucks are bullet proof for the first 100k and the dealer knows it...so all the other stuff they say thet will do is window dressing
Granted my LX has only seen smooth paved roads and never been exposed to deep water, I repacked at 100k for the first time, and the grease seemed just fine, could still see the orginal green color. The bearings and race was in perfect condition as well.

My 2 cents worth.
Oh and btw, $20 bucks says, they are going to ask you to replace the brake pads and resurface the rotors after you get there. The fluid should be bled at 30k anyway, but the pads, they really depend on how you drive, you can go down to 1mm with no problem. As for the rotors, if they do resurface, make sure they really do resurface. It should return to a mirror like smooth surface when done. Last time, NJ stealership only did the fronts. In hind sight, unless the pads have been warn down to metal and has grinded the rotors, resurfacing is totally unnecessary.
I would ditch the bearing repack and all that other jazz and just have them bleed the brakes. Get the oil change at Firestone for $20 bucks. Tire rotation, I believe is free, this is worthwhile, since the fronts will wear down faster than the rears.

Maybe you guessed, I've had a traumatic past with NJ Lexus stealerships.
Bleeding the brakes is easier on the 100 than most cars because of the electronic master cylinder.

so all the other stuff they say thet will do is window dressing

Window dressing wasn't even on the list! They probably save that as a point-of-sale add-on for the service writer.
My dealer charge me 1012$ for my 60K service.
It was 140$ for service each of the diferentials whit syntetic oil.
Those peoples are a rip off, I"m doing some research becoase when the 90K do I will do it myself .

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