5 rims American Racing Outlaw II

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Jun 30, 2004
Denver, CO
United States
5 rims, all of them 15x8. One of them is mint, the others are in good shape. Not scraped up, but some previous owner sprayed harsh wheel cleaner on them and burned the clear coat so it's cloudy in spots. I also have two 1/4" wheel spacers included so you can run these on the fronts.

shipping from CO at your expense. $35 each plus the ride.
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quick phone shot.
denvermisc 021.jpg
know anyone heading up to DC anytime in the next month or so? OR know anyone heading to the OBX next week?

Wish I saw this when you were pasing through Denver. Coming back any time soon?
I am back and forth to Denver, but probably not driving again for some time...that's a long haul. Shipping isn't that bad....I had a bunch of wheel boxes from a tire store that I picked up for the last set I had. You guys should check with Mudship on here to see if anyone is going that way....or post up in the local TLCA clubs. There was just a group that went to the OBX a week or two ago, but it seems like someone is always going.
How much did you want for the set?
I revised my wording above to make it more clear.
More bumps and lower price.
Bump. Will be heading to Columbia over the weekend and could transport anywhere along the way.
From Winston-salem to columbia, SC.
Another bump. Had these sold, but apparently the guy interested has decided against it....never paid, and now doesn't respond to email.
Bump. Offers?
Shipping to 21158?
Unless I'm way off the weight (not on hand to weigh them at the moment) something around $40. Probably less than that. I'm figuring about 15lbs a wheel plus package.
These wheels are now in Denver, Colorado. Local price $25 wheel....don't really feel like shipping them, but will if need be.

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