5 LX450 rims and tires in NC

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Aug 7, 2006
Raleigh, NC
United States
SOLD!!! 1/14/09

I am about to pick up a set of new rims and tires and am seeing if anyone is interested in a a complete set of 5 OEM LX450 rims and tires including 4 center caps. The Dunlop tires on 4 of the rims are about halfway worn and the Michelin spare has never touched pavement but has been under the truck since I bought it in 2002.

I am asking $600 for all 5 rims and tires. (please no low ballers since I just seen a set of only 4 rims w/no tires for sale for $450 here )

I will ship at buyer's expense from Raleigh NC or work out delivery where applicable.
my email is biaggi @ nc.rr.com

NOTE: Buyers will have to wait until I get my other set of rims/tires mounted. I am expecting that the weekend of 4/26/08

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Hi Steve, I'd like pictures too. I am in Raleigh, btw.

Here are pics of the rims and tires on the suv and the spare.
more pics

more pics

for some reason I exceeded the space limit on the pics here... so the spare can't be uploaded... It is an unused Micehelin LTX and the rim is dirty from being under the truck for so long....
are you willing to split up the rims and tires or are you set on selling them all together?

Thanks, Eric
I could use two if you would split them up as well. In particular the spare and one of the others.
At this point it seems that I am still pending on buying another set of rims & tires. I plan on selling the rims & tires as a set, if several ppl want to purchase parts that would be fine as long as I sell all of them. But at this time, I am waiting on a response from the seller of my new set. Hopefully I will know this weekend.

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I got my new wheels!!!! !:) So these will be available anytime!!!!
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bump... any offers? These are now in my garage....
These are the stock rims that came off my 1996 LX450... Do you want them? email me
I know this is off subject but I was curious who you guys take your truck to for maint. work. I have been getting ripped off by Fred Anderson the family rip off store and am in serious need of a decent mechanic I can trust that actually knows what he is talking about. The guys at Fred Anderson have now told me to replace two things on my truck that should never have to be replaced especially since I ony have 108,000 mi on her right now. Feel free to PM me so I dont clog this post up. Thanks in advnce!!
PM'd you.
Alright any serious ppl who want these, please email me. I'll take $550 plus shipping.... I can check with UPS (pallet or per tire) and Forward Air.


Or if you are around Raleigh, NC I'll drive within 50 miles to meet.

Okay I want to clear out my garage and these are taking up A LOT of space.... Price reduced to $500 (plus shipping if not local)
Okay I want to clear out my garage and these are taking up A LOT of space.... Price reduced to $500 (plus shipping if not local)

Still for sale?

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