For Sale 5 Lug Wheels off 1998 Land Cruiser w/ good tires and off 08+ Sequoia/Tundra w/o tires (1 Viewer)

Sep 24, 2018
Central Virginia
For Sale are two sets of Toyota Wheels. Both are 5 lug and as far as I know fit Tundra, Sequoia, Land Cruiser, LX470, and others. Please confirm compatibility on your own.

The first set is off my 1998 Land Cruiser. They are 16" wheels and are in great shape. They need a deep clean to get the grime off. I tested with a magic eraser and only some small specs remain with this method. Should clean up real nice. The tires that come mounted are Cooper Discoverer H/T 275 70 16. Previous owner told me these tires were put on in the last year. Two of the tires have 9-10/32 and the other two have 8-9/32. Lots of tread life on these. I replaced these with 20" wheels/tires on my vehicle so I no longer have need of them. I am selling these for 350$

The second set I was going to clean up and put on my Land Cruiser but changed plans and went with some 20" wheels. They are 18" wheels and I think they came off of an 08+Sequoia but I do not know for sure. They look like the wheels on the base/sr5 08+ Sequoia and 07+ Tundra. These need paint correction or repaint altogether. The tires are unusable. They were worthless when I got them and I destroyed them a little more trying to get them off the wheel. I am selling these for 150$. These look to have sat awhile when I got them. Some water got inside the tire while sitting. From what I can tell there is NO corrosion inside the wheel.

Local Sale Only. See photos at Toyota 5 Lug Wheels 16 and 18 Tires Tundra Sequoia Land Cruiser LX470

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