5 lug swap to 6 lug

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May 1, 2010
hi guys,
i'm going to install an hzj79 front axle on hzj 75,i would like to stay with the 6 lug hub as i'm not planing to change the rear axle.
what are my options ? would the hub of LJ71 will fit ? may be i'll be able to get a complete front axle of LJ71,is it the same as the hzj79?

80 series hub, spindle etc should work for you, if the 79 has lock out plates and not manual hubs you will need new birfields (cv joints).
thanks for the info!
how is the RJ70 front axle comper to the 80 series ? may be i'll be able to get a comlete one (i wrote LJ71 by misstake befor).
if he has a hzj 75 it will be90 or post 90 so the front diff will be smaller than the back inn his ride mate
85- 89 front -back diff same size
it's 1997 HZJ75 with leaf springs, the 79 series comming with coil springs.
the idea is to bring the all front end of the 79 with all the frame brackets,so only the gearbox cross member will need some modification.
i prefer to stay with the 6 lug as i'm not planing to cahnge the rear axle .
its a cool idea mate
In Aus a popular coil conversion to the 75 series is to use 80 coil brackets and bit but rear coil as well
I think the gasser 79 is geared differently than the diesel model, the HZJ79 is 4.30.
after all my cofuffles trying to find the petrol 79 ratio i came out with 4.3 as well
i believe that Dave at Japan 4X4 found that the gasser and the diesel 79 series had the 4.30...
i was just mentioning it as a word of caution, not that it is different or not since i don't really know.
Ok, that is probably right then, I thought I saw where someone said the gasser was different. So if that is the case you will be changing out the gearing.
Trail tamer sells 4.10's and a variety of others or the 79 series now - he should be able to get whatever he needs.
the Aussie hdj79 has 4.1 so toyota does make that ratio to suit 79 series
i believe thtat the axle of the 79 that i'll get will be 4.3 ratio, that's not going to be a problem i can eather use the 75 3rd member or new ring and pinion.
there is some chance that the new axle will be with OEM electric diff lock...
i have all ready got myself a full floater rear axle with disc brakes and OEM electric diff lock ,im getting for it new seals and brakes and as soon as i'll get them it will be install .
by the way,any body know why in Aus they use the 80 series front end on the 75 series and not the 79 ?
to get nice wide diffs
and keep 6 stud and 4.1 ratio
and cos they will coil front and back
if there just after front coil they buy a 79 series
what's the different betwin the LJ/RJ and the 79 front end? beside the 5 lugs

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