5 cruisers to part out

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Where you located? ??? Interested in a disc brake front axle set-up for my 72. :D
I am also interested in the front disks (do you have more than one?). I am also interested in a 4spd tranny. I need to know how close you are though, to find out if I could pick them up. I also need to know what you want for them.

PS if you are close I could also use a drivers side door.
Just wanted to say thanks to Dustin. got my parts yesterday. Look good and got to me quick.

Thanks Again. :D
Re: 68-74 wiper pivot pads?

Dustin or anyone else,

Do you have the rubber wiper pivot pads available? These are the rubber pieces that go between the wiper motor / wiper pivot and the metal windshield frame. It's the part labelled "4" in Specter's picture:

I need both sides, the motor side and the pivot side. Thanks,

Do you have a 30 spline birfield you would be willing to sell and ship?

Do you have #2 (wiper link) from the above picture. I need one.
:( My check was cashed on 2/14/03, but I am still waiting on the parts. I know it wasn't a lot of $$, but if you take a man's money, you ought to make some effort to get his parts out.

I will happily post and let people know when the parts arrive.

I just wanted to give some credit to Dustin. I ordered a pallet o parts from him. He kept me updated, made sure I got what I needed quickly, and that all was in good shape. This is a good guy to work with. :)
:) I was too quick on the trigger. I received my box of parts today. I got what I ordered and at a fair price. Sorry about my previous post. &nbsp:Dustin - Thanks.

Dustin, you don't have any of the factory running boards do you? I need a set of the longer ones (33.5") in good shape. Let me know. hk2r@nemontel.net
i know its dumb but ineed a throttle linkage out of a later fj40(75 n up). got one??? email me at houderat21@aol.com if you do or pm me.
has to have a 2f in it with th e stock 2 barrel.
Do you have any front fenders or running boards that would fit on a '78 FJ40?

how about a ds apron in nice shape. (w/ or w/out light, it doesn't matter) i don't care about surface rust, just no bends or dents.

Do you have a frine spline birfield, if so i'd be intrested.

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