5.7 Vortec Exhaust in FJ62?

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Apr 10, 2009
Tucson, AZ
How would you route the passenger side exhaust pipes? I have a Ram Horn on this side. There looks to be no room down the passenger side. Fuel Lines, T/C Vacuum pod, etc. Do you drop straight down and run it under the oil pan then turn it down the Drivers side? Need some opinions and Photos would be GREAT! thx matt
go to rear of transfer case....up and over to driver side (over the driveshaft yoke area) then merge into large dual in dual out magnaflow muffler, then back towards the rear.
There is no way to run an exhaust pipe down the passenger side pass the T/C. No room. Vacuum Pod for T/C, Fuel Lines. Elbert got any pictures. Seen a few where the pipe is turned in front of the cross member. Anyone run the pipe under the oil pan? later matt
I don't think I have any current pics but that's how mine runs... 5.7 vortec with rams horn exhaust and manual trans, manual t/c controls.

Yes some people cross under the oil pan from the pass side over to the driver side...merge into one pipe and then single pipe feeding muffler. There is a GM crossover pipe (pre-formed) but I don't know off hand what truck its from. You could get the aftermarket version from some place like NAPA.

I did not place my fuel hose on the inside of the pass frame rail like stock...
On my 40, I have rams horns to a Walker crossover, then 2-1/2" pipe with a flexible section to the muffler, and a couple of 3-bolt flanges along the length to facilitate future work. It's difficult to get good photos from underneath the truck, but I'll see what I can do. I'm sure you can do something along the same lines with a 62.
Walker Crossover.jpg
Walker Crossove1.jpg
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Additional photos.
Exhaust Spacer.jpg
Talk to me about this Walker crossover. Was that a bolt in deal? It could be a possibility. Got a part#? I've also have to run dual cats because of emissions. Great Pics also. thx matt
The Walker crossover is bolt-on for a SBC. You could build your own, which actually might save some effort elsewhere. You need a Chevy exhaust spacer (or heat-riser blank) on the passenger side to get sufficient clearance at the corner of the pan, so building your own could eliminate the spacer. I had difficulty finding standard exhaust bolts long enough, so I even had to reduce the thickness of the exhaust spacer. I also lopped the standard connector from the end of the Walker crossover and added a 3-bolt flange.

If you have to run dual cats, you might as well build your own crossover, similar to the Walker crossover, and run full dual exhaust or 2-into-1 exhaust at the muffler similar to what Jack Rice did on medusa. I'd send you a link to the photos, but I don't think they exist on-line anymore. Maybe if you pm Medusa, he will send you the photos.

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will this need to be emissions legal or not?
before you do anything, i'd suggest you contact a smog referee ( if that's applicable in AZ ). here in CA, not only do we have to set up the exhaust to the original configuration ( two cats and 4 O2s ) but also the original lay-out. and they're getting really picky about lay-out. we now have to run all 4 O2s in the original location ( distance downstream from manifold ) and the same goes for the cats. they only give you a coupe of inches to move things around. a couple of years ago they were'nt concerned about lay-out, but now they're getting really strict.
if lay-out is not an issue, then run both cats on the driver side. rotate them up by 90 degs and stagger them n the chassis and they'll fit next to the transmission.
That's kind of what I'm doing. 2 cats, 4 O2 sensors. The Chevy layout is exhaust on passenger side w/2 cats. After the DS front O2 the pipe snakes over to the PS before it get to it's cat. I'm going to place the rear O2's the distance that Chevy had them after the cats. Does any body know the distance from the exhaust manifold to the front of the cat on a 1998 Chevy 5.7 Vortec? I'll post some pictures of my options and see what everybody thinks. later matt
Look at Sanderson headers to put a vortex in a chevy 2wd S-10 that's what I used with my 6.0L conversion
we got twin 2 1/2 inch pipes down both sides of my FJ75 truck when we put the 6.0l vortec into it, there was a ton of room down the left hand side with a PTO and shaft and the right hand side we just angled the pipe around the vaccum unit on the transfer case, the body sits on 2" lift blocks which made it a lot easier

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