For Sale 5 1997 oem 80 wheels sale trade

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Jul 5, 2011
Byron Center, MI
United States
I have a set of 5 wheels off of my 97 80 series Land Cruiser. No center caps or lug nuts. They have all been sand blasted and are ready for the color paint of your choice. Four are near perfect and one has a small flaw as seen in the picture. I am thinking that 350.00 for the set is a fair price plus the cost of shipping. I would most likely put cardboard on the front and back of each rim and wrap it in shrink wrap. I would consider a trade for a revolver with a 4" or shorter barrel or possibly a shotgun. I do not really need any more guns but I know cash is in short supply these days and a trade might be possible. I am not looking for junk guns. PM me here on mud or email gvenlet at hotmail dot com.

I have no idea what shipping will be. My zip code is 49315. I am a little careful when trying to figure out shipping as the last time I tried a guess at shipping it cost me 5.00 more than my selling price.
Monday bump.
I am getting some feedback that I am asking too much. Keep in mind these are ready for paint. I will entertain all offers.
No interest? I wait a few more days and scrap them out
PM Sent
If specialk396 doesn't take them, I will per my PM. I will pick them up no shipping. Thanks, Rick
Sale pending to taco162

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