For Sale (5) 100 series 16x8 5-spoke LC wheels.

Mar 14, 2014
Columbus, Ohio
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I wan to preface that this is my second post on these boards. Don't let that deter you I lurk a little here and there, but I have 5,484 posts and counting on the fjcruiserforums. I have bought, sold, and given away plenty using forums. :)

Ok, on to business.
I have five OEM 100 series Landcruiser wheels from a 2001 for sale. They come with four center caps. The wheels are in good shape. some nicks and scrapes here and there, but overall they are in good clean shape. One was obviously purchased later to match as it has a "Hubcap Heaven" sticker on it. The main 4 also have what appears to be a little undercoating, or black paint gracing the inside of the spokes...looks like a shadow effect. I am not the original owner, so I can only speculate. I see no bends or cracks at all.

I am asking $180 OBO. I am completely willing to ship, if you cover the costs. Located in Newport News, Virginia. I'd rather not split them up unless I have buyers for all five. Shoot me a PM or feel free to text or call xxxxxxxxxx.

Thanks for looking,


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