5.0 ho in in the 80

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I may find something like a c6 or see about adapting the a442 to it. A t18 is currently behind it and I don't think that's a good option

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using a C6 is fine, but how will you adapt it to the 80 series t-case? Remember it's an offset output t-case and matching offset rear axle housing. sure you could go to a different centered output t-case from a ford application, but all ford 4wd vehicles are driver's drop for the front axle so no dice there.

Honestly, I think ford 5.0s are great motors, but the short stroke (3in) is not going to build the one thing you need - torque.

BTW - I ran a 5.0 in my old CJ crawler, and then went later to a roller 5.8l motor. The performance of the 5.8l was night and day over the 5.0l.

food for thought.
Would a 5.0L out of a pickup yield more torque? Still, I'm not sure what kind of adapters exist from a Ford tranny to our Tcases.
there are no adapters that I am aware of. I suppose you could do it with something like a jeep dana 300 t-case but then you still have the problem with the offset rear axle and fuel tank in the way.

The market has pretty much decided that the only adapters out there are for GM automatics to the stock t-case.

The 5.0ls between the cars and trucks are pretty much the same. The HO versions in the mustangs and lincoln mark 8s used roller cams, the trucks did not.

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