4x6 Trucklite LED Headlight install question

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Sep 20, 2011
Caracas, Venezuela.
I have a very specific question about the installation of the Trucklite LED 4x6 headlight.

I bought both high and low beams to replace my H4/H1 lows/highs.

The lights were very simple to install, and both are working properly. What I didn't consider at first is the fact that the low beams are low beams only. Whereas the H4 housings they replaced are high/low beams.

I haven't tried them yet but I fear that when I switch to highs I will have less useable light than before, as I now have two lights on as opposed to four lights on I previously had when switching to high beams.

So the question is: Has anybody found a way to make the low beams stay on when turning on the high beams?


Building the two harnesses needed to fix this problem takes less than an hour and about $30 worth of easily procurable parts. It was easy (I hadn’t soldered in over a decade) and it works perfectly.

Follow the instructions in the link and you’ll have bright lights that work correctly.
Great, now I'm shopping 7 inch led headlights. The available options are overwhelming.
Wow how did I miss that thread. Thanks, for some reason the search never showed me that thread. Very insightful!

It seems we have a few differences with the US trucks, let my clarify:

My install is on a quad beam 80 series. We have H4/H1 sockets which US 62's dont (I think?). Our 62s also have H4/H1 sockets so they're basically the same as far as installs go.

When i first installed the lights, both lows and highs turned on when I switched on the high beams but the low beams would turn off when I switched to low beams. A quick swap of the negatives within the H4 socket solved this issue, so that got me thinking:

If I just bridge the negatives on the low beam's H4 socket, would they work as they should? ie. they turn on with lows and highs?
Thinking a little more clearly, I don't believe bridging the grounds would work. I'm not sure, will have to try. Scared about damaging the switch in the steering column?

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