4x2 Dilemma: Rearlockers or just traction boards?

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Sep 14, 2010
Good day guys!

I’m from the Philippines and I recently came from an hdj80 landcruiser and a hilux, and now find myself with a 2020 Toyota Fortuner 4x2 diesel AT(hiluxed based suv), and I have a big dilemma!

Since I’m now driving a 4x2 I thought my trail days were behind me but I find myself trying to still offroad. So now I’m looking at whether an arb air locker in the rear would be a good investment considering its high cost. Either that or i can just do traction/recovery boards which are significantly cheaper to do but less sexy hahaha. With my new family and starting career as a lawyer I find myselfdriving on-road 99% of the time and have to find reasons like camping etc to go offroad unlike before. So I’m wondering if an arb locker would be a justifiable investment jn a 4x2 or should i just save up and buy a dedicated trail rig like an older landcruiser prado 120 or an older fortuner.

ive currently setup my 2020 Fortuner with toughdog 2” lift coil springs, Bilstein B6 4600 offroad shocks (yesthe proper 2” lift lengths), 285/70/17 KO2 (C load), and a tjm snorkel. Would this be enough to compensate for a 2wd open diff or what? LSD isnt an option since there arent any LSDs for my diff.


And heres my old favorite 80 series clocked in at 550000 kms before selling (1hdt never required an overhaul)

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