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4th Annual Oil Country Cruiser Winter Ramble

Discussion in 'CA.AB- Rocky Mountain Land Cruiser Association' started by arnott1t, Jan 8, 2016.

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    What: A trip to western central Alberta for a weekend of wheeling, fishing, friends and a raffle. We’ll be spending time on the eastern slopes of the Alberta Rocky Mountains and spending 1 day snow wheeling to the popular Ruby Lake, and one day trying our dismal fishing technique on the local lakes surrounding Nordegg Alberta.

    When: March 10th evening through 13th morning. The tentative plan is as follows:

    March 10th: Make your way to Nordegg Alberta and meet at the Nordegg Lodge (Nordegg Resort Lodge - Nordegg Alberta Canada)

    We’ll meet for beers and snacks in the pub nearby

    March 11th:

    Breakfast at 8am

    Depart 9am for Cardinal River road and Ruby Lake Trail

    Trail Side lunch

    Return to Lodge for supper 6pm or later

    March 12th:

    Breakfast 8am

    Depart 9am for nearby lake ice fishing

    On lake lunch and afternoon Raffle

    Return to Lodge for Supper 6pm or later

    March 13th:

    Depart for our home lands.

    Where: The trip will be centered around Nordegg Alberta with jaunts off into the wilderness each day for some trail time or pail time ice fishing the local lakes. Nordegg is almost exactly 300km away from both Edmonton and Calgary via highway 2 through red deer. This makes it an easy drive out and home for the event if you’re anywhere near central Alberta.

    Cost: Registration will be $200 per person required to be paid by February 15th. Availability is limited so make a plan fast. Payment can be sent toOilcountrycruisers@gmail.com or can be arranged by contacting that same email address otherwise.

    Included with each registration is:

    · 3 nights accommodation at Nordegg Lodge in a shared room shared with one other person. Each room has 2 beds and a bathroom.

    · Breakfast both Friday and Saturday morning before hitting the trail

    · Trail side lunches (smokies and other simple fair)

    · Dinner Friday and Saturday night after returning home to the lodge. (alcoholic drinks available but not included)

    · And Oil Country Cruiser Club Sticker

    · 1 raffle ticket

    What should you bring:

    · A reliable 4x4 toyota vehicle

    · Tire chains and other winter specific equipment if you have it

    · Warm weather gear and an emergency kit should the worst happen

    · Fuel capacity to drive 200km and wheel for 6 hours

    · Ice fishing gear… we don’t all need augers but a rod and tackle is a good start

    · A valid 2016 ice fishing license

    · Trail snacks if you have specific dietary requirements.

    · A great attitude and a friend to share the room with (we can pair up people too so come anyways)