Wanted 4spd transmission and transfer case Modesto,Ca

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Jun 13, 2008
United States
Looking for a 4spd transmission and transfer case with bell housing, clutch, complete clutch hydraulics, all the shifters and linkage, shifter boots and drive shafts. basically a complete 4spd swap package.that will work in my 1970 Fj40 for a V-8 conversion or just the 4spd transmission and transfer case.
haha, that's funnay. i did'nt have a combo for tim so i told him to post up here! :lol:

but thanks for the referral, i do appreciate it!!! :cheers:

georg @ valley hybrids

PS: tim, i do have a 4spd and split case out of an fj60 we could drop into your 40. :)
I guess I should stop making guarantees!
I've got it all but shipping would kill the deal. Goodluck!
looks like i found a setup for tim locally today. keep you posted......:grinpimp:
I've got a transmission from a 60 also but it's got the spacer. You can have it but you have to wipe the floor where it was sitting :flipoff2:
Seriously though, if you need it its in Davis.

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