4runner seats in Mini??

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Oct 24, 2005
Cuba, MO
Sorry if this has been asked before, i did a quick search and came up with nothing quickly.

How hard is it to mount 4Runner from seats into a mini(same year)? Are they just a straight bolt up or would there be welding involved?

Thanks in advance

I assume you mean in the '84-89 range of trucks. The driver's seat is no problem, it's the same. But the passenger seat is different, due to the 4Runner's seat having the release mechanism so it can slide way forward, for easier access to the rear seat area. The mounting points are different in the floor. I have a spare 4Runner seat frame I want to install in my '87 xcab, when I went to do the swap I found it was diferent so I put the project on hold for the time being. I hope to get to it this Spring.
well i was thinking about the 2nd gen 4runner and the coinciding Pickup.

I have a 93 pickup with the extended cab.

They will work but I do think they are just alittle different in the rear bracket height. I have a set of seats out of a '95 4runner in my '86 and they bolted right in. However when we put a set of seats out of a '94 Truck into the other '86 the rear brackets needed some spacers. So my guess would be that the seats from a 4runner into a Truck will have taller rear brackets, so they may set higher when you put them in your truck. Oh and the 4runner seats do not have the kick release that the truck seats have.
^unless i can can find the elusive 2 door 2nd gen 4runner

is this in place of buckets, or a bench? i've got an 87 with a bench and need to go to buckets for the new trans/xfer setup and don't know if i've got the mounts for buckets.
2ndGenToyotaFan said:
It's been a while, but I swapped buckets into my 86 mini that had a bench. I'm pretty sure all the holes are there.
sweet...now to find seats :)

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