Wanted 4PLUS FJ40 Tire/Cooler Carrier

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Jun 16, 2006
Tulsa, OK
Looking for a 4plus tire carrier in or around OK for a decent price. Planning to replace the sketchy 4plus look-a-like that fell off of the cruiser earlier this year.... Didn't budget for a brand new one this year so hoping to find one someone doesn't need.

I know shipping would be cost prohibitive on these.

Well, good luck. These are nice, and you should buy a new one, if you want one. Mine is 11 years old and still perfect. Dave deserves your support. A used one is likely to com attached to an FJ40. So unlikely to be cheap.
They are nice. I bought one for my 78 fj40 last year. I've seen them for sale from time to time used on mud. They definitely hold up well. I have several irons in the fire and this is not a project that I can put a lot into right now so second hand will have to do if possible. If not then no problem. Appreciate the feedback either way. Cheers!

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