4Hi engages but 4Lo doesn't

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Dec 2, 2003
4Lo will give me the low gearing but won't engage the front axle and won't light up the green 4WD light. It's giving me 2Lo.

If i press the 4 Hi button and shift to 4 low can I trick it into working? Any ideas why I can get 4Hi but not 4Lo?

Thanks again to the all knowing mud crew in advance.

This is a 62 with the button. right? Probably a vacuum issue with the solenoids.
Yeah it is a 62. There's a different solenoid and vacuum for 4hi vs lo?
Sounds like and electrical issue
Are you pushing the 4WD button in when you go to low range or are you just expecting the front axle to engage automatically when you shift to 4lo without pushing the button? The low range auto-engage switch on the transfer case can be bad and not automatically hook you up with 4WD in low range but can be overridden by manually pushing the 4WD button when in low range.
Thanks Overhanger. I was expecting it to engage just by shifting to 4 lo like it always did before. Good to know I can do the override with the switch. I think I still want to get it working correctly. Is that switch an easy fix? Or heck, maybe it's better not fixing it. Now I have 2Lo and 4Lo!
In eight years of wheeling the 62 with the "option" of having 2lo I only embarrassed myself a couple of times by forgetting to push the button for 4lo. There were a couple of times that having 2lo was beneficial so it just about evened out. Strangely enough, I rebuilt the t-case this past winter and when it was all back together the switch started working! Strange and now 4lo isn't an option anymore - at least I didn't have to buy the switch. As I recall, the switch isn't very expensive and the replacement is 1/2 banana.

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