4bt into 80 question

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Nov 19, 2004
Lutz, FL
If I were to get the cummins 4bt with the chevy bellhousing and also buy the advance adapter kit to mate the stock 80 transmission would this work? Would the transmission and t case be able to stay in the stock position?
I have a 1992 Fj80 that's in the process of getting a 4bt. We are using a GM 700r4 auto because there is no adapter to the stock tranny and a 60 series split case. My truck is being built by Matt Jaye at http://bpcenters.com/ in Longmont, he would be the one to call with questions. He also has a 93 Fj80 in the shop right now that Proffits cruisers converted, but it has a 700r4 also. There is a good chance the adapter is not made because the 4bt is very torquey and would probably destroy the stock tranny. When using the 700r4 it needs to be built to handle the torque form the cummins. Looks like we might need to start a Front Range fj80 4bt club soon.
I found that marks adapters makes an adapter for the a442f to the chevy. I think for the time being I would also like to keep my full time tcase. I will probably keep the engine stock which is why I think that the stock tranny will hold up, at least for awhile.
The best way was found the adapter and keep your tranny and t-case .. if you rread some threads about the theme you found the most of conversions use difernt trannys .. ( chevy ones NV4500 or 700R4 ) among lift and other issues to consider in the swap ..

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