4BT available immediately

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Feb 2, 2005
United States
one day only, Friday only. We have bought 6 vans and a driver has backed out. I can leave it and go get it at a later date, but prefer not to.
van is located around San Francisco. Oakland actually.

Do not reply to this message. We are on the road as soon as I end typing. Price $1,500 for entire van. It's a Ford with T-19 tranny. GM adaptor is available for $259.

You can contact us at 970-596-7363 or 970-309-8192. These are our cells.
Just talked to John on the road and he wanted me to let everyone know that $1500 is what his cost is, I guess he got it for near $1000 but there are auction fees and a sales tax rule and a few other things that push it to near $1500. Truck is still there, they are going to pick it up tomorrow. It is a Ford van (slightly smaller) and the 4BT is bolted to a Ford T-19 4 speed transmission. Somewhat low miles, 123K miles which is not much. Pretty good deal IMO, just forwarding along...

Sorry to spam with the same response on the boards in their 3 same thread but trying to help these guys out and I'd hate to see it go to waste...!
Four years late. I'd have snapped that up when I was in Alameda.
I will try to get in touch, I actually could use the van if it is in good shape and not too big. Where are they headed?
Funny seeing this here and in the 4bt forum.
Is it available still?
If its still there, I am fairly close to SF I would go get it.

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