474 mile/36 hr out and back Desert Run, Some stats

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Mar 21, 2005
Central Oregon
Just one photo here cause it's back to my southeastern Oregon stomping grounds. Took my wife for a quick run to see some desert Mountain landscapes.

So this is just some BS on a quick trip with a lot of miles in a 84 with 98K miles on it, stock drive train, original emmissions et all.

474 miles driven
32 gallons of gas ($3.25-3.45 per gal)

14.8 mpg

this was not a wheeling trip, never locked in the hubs, even the back roads were dry. I did use my newly aquired 2lo selection on the transfer case. Couple of roads are very rocky, soft ball size rocks scattered in both tracks, so slow low was needed but traction was no problem.

I pulled the yakima rack cause I did not need the storage box..Man what a difference in wind noise!

It was 80 miles of 50 mph dirt roads (they had all just been graded so little to no wash board) and 100 miles of pavement going down.

30 miles of dirt and 170 of pavement coming back. Obviously didn't go in and come out the same route..

when on the open paved road Drove @2300-2500rpm showing 53-56mph on speedo but that works out to around 60-63 over the ground with the 33s which are down to about 25%.

As this rig usually does, it got up to 7/8 HOT on the temp gauge on the first long hwy streach, I pulled over and gave it some time then took off again and it stayed just over 1/2 the rest of the trip. I dunno why this rig does that, I have not touched the cooling system in 2 years. I don't drive it much "on the road" but it always heats up at the start of a road trip, I pull over it cools and never gets up that hot again? Guess it could be the fan clutch needing to get real hot while sitting to get it to lock up..but it did not do it when I started back..Just one of those curiser thangs..

As you can see in the photo, no use for the winch even if I did get in some mud..nearest tree is about 3miles off on the hills behind the rig..
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sounds like a good cruiser day. i really miss that side of the mountain. there is just something about the desert that appeals to me. of course rocks, mud, water and trees are pretty good too...

Overheating? Not good.

I went thru a similar set of overheating issues with my 60. Looked at all the usual...thermostat, fan clutch, water pump, etc. (at some point replacing all!)

Turned out to be as simple as a corroded radiator. Unfortunately not a real test for this other visual inspection by removing then pulling top and bottom rail off. If you haven't been a real good boy and flushed annually...???

Runs right where it should now.
Blocked radiato would not explain the rig starting out fine, running for a hour or so then heating up, then cooling off and running fine the rest of the trip...

Unless of course the radiator or the thermostat are temporaryily clogging then blowing back out as I go along..hummm

Having said that, I have not flushed in two years...but I have the red coolant and only drive about 2.5K miles a year. Seldom run the A/C... Not exactly punishing. It is a pretty new radiator too. Last flush the coolant looked new, kinda hurt tossing that $tuff..
Yea...kinda missed that in your description. Gotta say that when I was going thru mine it wasn't consistent. I could run in the normal range and then experience similar problems. Partially related to load on the engine, but eventually got bad enough that it would run hot and stay there.

Now in the process I did replace thermostat, fan clutch, etc. Could have been a combination of problems.
Looks like extreme SE Oregon. Steens Mtn? Owhyee area?
Read the convo here I am led to wonder: What coolant should I be running in my 62? I've had it over a year with no flush, It did heat up on the drive to AK, turned out to be a bad thermostat that got changed in an OR parkng lot.
Search the forum

Read the convo here I am led to wonder: What coolant should I be running in my 62? I've had it over a year with no flush, It did heat up on the drive to AK, turned out to be a bad thermostat that got changed in an OR parkng lot.

do a search on coolant ie. "red or green coolant/antifreeze"

Lots of opinions, To me it's like engine oil. If you change it regulairly with brand name products (as long as the products are made for a 2f type engine, iron block etc) You can't go wrong.

The original owner of my 60 switched to the toyo red, it works fine, green is just as good, both have/need to be flushed out every 30-40K miles W/ hose and thermostat changes before a hose blows and youloose all your coolant or damage your engine..if you find all the post you'll read for quite a while and it will still come down to.. quality product in a flushed and maintained system..

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