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Sep 18, 2005
Brandon MB
I am looking for any info, helpful tips, or the whole story.
I am going to put a 455 and TH 400 into my 1983 FJ 60. It has a leaf over and a shackle reverse, and a 2 in body.
I have e-mailed Marks Adaptors and Advance Adaptors for Kit info.

Floor consul and shifter for TH 400 ?
Will the Olds power steering pump work or will I have to use Toyota ?
Alternator ?
Motor mounting ?
Transmittion mounting bracket ?
Has a York air conditioning pump, that I would like to use for on board air.

Thanks in advance for any info.
Feb 19, 2004
Pepperell MA
Look in the tech pages at the V8 conversions. Most use a Chevy V8 but for the most part you're doing the same things. Motor mounts and trans mounts will be custom. I'd use a turbo 400 to a NP203 gear reduction box to the stock Toyota t-case. Pretty standard stuff there. GM alternator is an easy way to go. The Olds P/S pump will be fine with some custom hoses. Not sure if Olds ever used a York compressor in one of their cars. Probably have to make custom mounts for it to work on a 455. I'd guess there are a couple exhaust manifold choices around that would work with the Cruiser too.

Otherwise it's nothing more than some cutting and welding...

Good luck and take lots of pictures!


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