45 tub on 40 frame

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Jan 29, 2007
I'm in middle of putting an AQUALU fj45 tub on my '72 40 frame. I didn't want to cut my frame so here what I've done: First the 3" cross member on the 45 is to far rearward to match the factory body mounts and the tub floor didn't clear the frame. My solution was to cut out and fill the well for the gas tank with plate (I moved the tank to the rear of frame behind the axle). put a new 3x3 cross member tight behind the door posts and rolled a sheet of 1/4" over the new crossmember from the floor to the back wall of the tub. Then cut out the tub behind the new crossmember and under the sheet at the back of the tub. This give you a 3" step in the floor of the tub so it clears the frame and the new 3x3 is in place for the factory body mounts. I had a local metal shop do the cutting and welding with materials cost was $440.00 but IMO this was better than cutting the frame plus I keep my short wheelbase. I'm going to put a smaaaall flat bed on rear for my tool box and spare.
lets see some pics.

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