44 decal

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Jan 26, 2006
I am looking at an 87 60 to buy and it has a 44 decal on the door with the pin striping. I was just wondering if this means anything? I searched and could not find anything. thanks for the help.
It's the racing number. Take it to the circle track and see how she does. I'm messing with you I have no idea, post a pic and we'll see if we can help.
I've seen 4x4 but not 44. Most likely it ment something to the PO. Its not a factory option that I know of
fleet vehicle number? dude's lucky #?

only one door has pinstriping :confused:

pix, eh?
it is on both sides i will try and get a pic tomorrow but i was thinking 4x4 too but did not see the x. thanks
Nascar nut previous owner???
Believe it or not, there was another thread about this? I'd say the X fell off.

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