For Sale 42" Super Swampers on 15" Eaton rims in VA: Sale/Trade

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Feb 28, 2002
United States
Set of 4 Bias TSL's. They are on some WIDE (like 12 inch) 8 lug steel Eaton rims. Good tread. Got them from a guy runnin' them on his street truck and never ran them b/c my build isn't done so no rock rash or cuts.

I have a set of hummer rims I really want to run so I need a 16.5 inch tire. Ideally I'd like to trade my tires AND rims for just tires. $1600 sale or Trade for some 16.5 tires in similar condition (Bias, TSL's, IROKs,?????, 40-42 inch). Lemme know what you got.


PS- I can Deliver/Pickup within in about 300 miles of Norfolk/VA Beach, VA.
I have a line on some tires that I'd like to buy locally and am willing to make a deal on these for a fast cash sale.
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