42 or 48" hi lift?

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Sep 2, 2007
Longmont, CO
What do you think 42 or 48" hilift? The 60"er is out because that won't fit on my mount.

will those 6" hurt me if I go with the 42? my only reasoning is that teh shorter jack fits better, see mockups:
I'd go with 48 vs. 42

48 can be too short. Especially if you are using the hilift as a winch.
How does the 42" fit better? It "fits" 6 inches shorter, but other than that it is the same, right?

Just to keep opinions well-informed.

If so, I'm thinking go with the 48". If not, you'll end up needing those 6 inches sooner rather than later (that's what she said!), just because that's the way Murphy's law works.

I need a hi-lift jack...
Go as long as you can if you are lifted. My 48" will barely get my wheels off the ground if I am lifting by the bumper. I would have gone 60" if I had known better. If you aren't lifted, then I would check how much it will take to get your truck off the ground. Otherwise, you might find yourself really annoyed when on the trail.
Dont forget either that you probably wont be using the jack on concrete. You'll probably lose at least an inch on dirt and who knows how many in mud, even with that bigger footprint plastic base thing they sell. Get a different mount if its that big of a deal. I never carried my hi lift on any of my trucks unless I went wheeling anyways.

Get a bottle jack and toss it in there for day to day necessities.
48. A 60 will fit, but you might have to relocate the top retaining bolt on the mount if that's p[ossible.
Get the biggest one you can... I have a 60" and am SO glad I didn't get the 48!
You should go with whatever looks better. Maybe have the jack chromed.

Sorry I could'nt help myself. I have a 48" jack on my 40.

I knew someone was going to go there. :D:flipoff2:

Thanks, I'll rock the 48.

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