406 Cruisers T-shirt Pre-Order - Closes Sunday, June 26th

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Jun 15, 2015
We are really excited to announce our first run of t-shirts! They are very comfortable, high quality, and made in the USA! 'Merica, ye-haw!! The price for members is $20, and $25 for non. If you were at the last meeting, we have your order. If you were NOT at the last meeting, and would like to pre-order a shirt, please post here, including size. We are only making a handful of extra shirts for the mall campaign, so for now there will not be a backstock. We will be ordering shirt stock on Monday, so you must post up by Sunday evening.
Can I pay on Saturday along with membership fee?
100% cotton? pre-shrunk?
Non-member until I get back home next year....but I'd like one LG and one XL.
Let me know who to send money to or PayPal. Assuming shipping shouldn't be a big problem.
If it is not too late I would be in for a small and a medium.
I'd take a large and an extra large.
I forgot to pay you for a shirt . I'll take a large if still available

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