40 won't move

Apr 16, 2003
Swanzey NH
??? My 40 worked fine when I parked it a week ago. This afternoon I went out to get it ready for a run tomorrow and this is what I find. Engine starts, put it in gear, let out the clutch and nothing, doesn't move. Tried all the gears, put the transfer case in all gears-nothing. Temps here have been at or below 0 for 2 days. Clutch peddle feels normal but when I get it just about to the floor it gets hard to press down. When it is at this point if I try to put it into gear I get the grind like it would if I wasn't using the clutch. If I shift into gear(engine running) without using the clutch it slides right in. I'm stumped!
Lane :'(
Jul 6, 2003
check the hydraulic reservoir, I think mine did that a couple months ago and I had to get a new slave unit. Check the reservoir, if it's empty fill it up with brake fluid and try it again.
Jun 26, 2003
Another possibility is that it is so cold that the water that is absorbed by the brake fluid in the clutch system has frozen, and is not allowing the clutch system to release the pressure and engage the clutch. Get someone to observe the action of the clutch fork and slave cylinder while the clutch pedal is depressed.

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