40 VIN Questions

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Mar 16, 2013
Charlotte, NC
Hey everyone I've got a couple questions about some VIN stuff on a 40. So I found a roller that's for sale. There's no tub for it. There's a title for the frame and there's a frame VIN. So hypothetically speaking, if I were to get it, and If I found a tub for it (would be from another cruiser), would it be legal as one vehicle? Don't tubs have VIN numbers on them? Is there a way that you could go about putting the one on the frame on the tub too? Let me know.
Probably depends on what state. I believe in CA you would take it to the CHP and get a VIN verification and the DMV would issue you a VIN tag for your tub.

There were blank tub VIN tags available at one time. Don't know if they are still available.
does the deal include the tag that was previously affixed to the tub?
with that tag and the title life would be easy. without the tag, the title paper is just a coupon good for lots of extra headaches.

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