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Dec 29, 2002
nashville, tn
hey guys,

just got done doin HEI conversion, so i have a distributor (minus toyota gear & hold down bracket) with cap and plug wires.  $25

some smog stuff off a 72 (ask me about it) - $5
(2) external coils - $10 each
new distributor cap, w/ new rotor - $5
center console (bent up a bit) - $5
back seat out of a samari (fits nice in a 40 & can fold up)- $50
alternator (no idea if it works) - $10
2F manifolds (intake/exhaust) - $10
two used, stock leaf springs - $25
front piece of raingutter, very nice custom fab - $25

probably some more stuff, just ask, and everything is best offer.

email me and i'll try and send pics if interested (it may take a while to get the pics. sorry :-/),
all shipping from 29632 or 29715

oh yeah, i forgot.

obo on all of it,

Jonathan, Hi, I have a '74 fj 40, with a late f engine in need of an exhaust manifold, does the one you have fit a '74??
You can E-mail me at ecarpentie@aol.com, I,m in Tucson Az.
Earl Carpentier :beer:
hey guys,

i emailed y'all back

any door panels?
hey y'all,

the gauge cluster is gone.

and sorry, no door panels, all my stuff is e-72ish.

Got any pics of the rear bench seat? ???

yeah, i have a pic of the bench seat. lemme find it. it's on my laptop somewhere. ha ha

Is the coil still available?
72FJ40LandCruiser said:
Is the coil still available?

dude look at how old the origional posting was. two years old!

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