40 Series Faulty Flasher unit

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I bought one of the generic ones from Wal-Mart for a couple of dollars. I think its a BUSS brand. Only thing I had to do was cut the wires and add terminals to the ends. Works perfectly and saves some space on the firewall.
I bought a cheapy from napa...plugged right in. I think it cost $2 and change.
They make heavy duty generic flashers for big trucks. Work great for me.
Please excuse my newbie question, is this the signal flasher? If so, could someone tell me where this unit is located? I need to fix my dead signal. Thanks.
Thanks every one full all your help, just bought an aftermarket flasher can and it works a treat. Lor yes this is the signal flasher it is located just above you brake pedal on the firewall. I am asuming it is the same location as mine is a right hand drive truck.........Dazz

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