40 Owners... care to join in?

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Sep 8, 2003
Bozeman, MT
So there is this thread... The Cross Country Baton Adventure

I have one of the Batons and I am driving the 40 to West Yellowstone from Bozo on the 26th to hand it off to some fellas from Utah. We are planning meeting inside YNP.

Simple drive down the gateway, meeting cruiserheads. Maybe stop for a bite to eat along the way... theres a good BBQ place in Big Sky I have wanted to try.

If anyone wants to add a sticker on the box, or add anything inside the box we can make that happen too.

I think I have a 406 sticker for it... I'll likely buy some Overland Cruiser swag to add to it as well.

Anyhow if you own a 40 or 4x and want to join in, take a leisurely drive and meet some other 40 cruiserheads. Hit me up.
Sounds fun, that happens to be a day I'll be up in Helena with my daughter for a volleyball game.
A bunch of 40 series traveling 180 miles? There's a good chance somebody will need a little help from a modern and reliable vehicle. At the very least, they'll need someone to carry extra fuel.
The other guy has gone dark for a few days. I'll let you know by tomorrow if I am planning on heading down. If I don't hear from him today I am moving to plan B.

My plan B, we should hit up a trail before the snow flies!
Ron, we are going to postpone for now. Maybe we'll get a more pleasant weekend before the snow really sets in. I am still topless in the 40 so I am not too stoked on a high of 55* and some rain. I'm going to take a pass. I'll keep you posted.

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