40 feeling better..... Steering tight...

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Oct 12, 2005
Hey all,

looks like you guys had a good time this weekend. wish i could have been there. maybe we can view some pics at next meeting.

I finally i got my pitman arm off and my new steering box on (THANKS JOHN!!!). it was a *&$#^# to get the pitman arm off. i banged that damn thing so hard, had the puller on it for two weeks, kroiled, even heated it up with a propane torch and added wax.... finally came off today after i tightened down the puller one last time before i was going to give up. i think next time i am going to try vodoo.

the new box is MUCH tighter. Now i won't be pulled over when sober...

Next weekend i will be tighting up the brakes and i need to lift up the exhaust...I also need some shims to modify the castor.

So, after the brakes, exhaust, and shims, will it be ready to wheel?
after brakes and exhaust... yes. shims can wait.
it drove tight today.... YES. i love it. no more wandering... feels like a little MG on steroids
Wish I'da known you were having problems pulling the pitman arm, Sebastien. I have the SST for that. Mine came right off.
i should have called you :)

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