For Sale $40 each Nitto Terra Grapplers

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May 1, 2012
United States
$30 each Nitto Terra Grapplers 315's

I have 4 Nitto Terra Grapplers in the 315 75 16 size. I have been looking for a set for a while now and a guy on craigslist had these. They are an all terrain and I wanted an MT. I only wanted one as a spare but when I got there he gave me a great deal on all 5 so I just went ahead and picked them up. Here's the info: two of them have about 20-30% tread but are in great shape. Two have 50% tread and also in great shape.(I will be keeping one of those as my trail spare) No chunking, cracking, patches, etc. on any tire One has about 80% tread but has this weird rash/burn thing on the corner of the sidewall and tread. All hold air and were mounted on a daily driver truck yesterday. I figured I would pass on the good deal to the members on here. I am fine will selling them as singles for $40 each or all 4 for $150. These are a tad big to ship so it will probably need to be local pick up. I'm in Socal. I will post up some pics this evening.

Edit: new price is $30 each or $100 for all 4
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Here's some pics. You can see in the pics the amount of tread on each tire.





PM Sent.

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Wow. I really thought these would sell fast. Looks like I made a mistake and will have to take a loss on these. How about $30 a piece or $100 for all 4.
Wow. Still no takers. I had to put these on craigslist to sell. I was hopeful one or a few mud members could use these. My $30 price is as low as I can go (that's taking a loss)but if anyone is still interested let me know asap. I already got quite a few callers from cragislist and my guess is that they will be gone soon.
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All tires are sold except the one I kept as a spare.

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